The 100-Piano Quest

A new adventure begins now for me: a quest to unite the world with music.

I will find 100 different pianos around the world, record one measure of my composition with each one, and then eventually make a video of all the measures combined.

I plan to find at least one piano each week, or, in any case make a post about the progress. Let’s see how this goes…

More information at the 100-Piano Quest Blog

AG Drive is out!

Two amazing and passionate guys I’m glad to know, Petsku and Timo, have finally released the futuristic racing game called AG Drive, the successor of the spirit of Wipeout and F-zero.

I’m humbled and happy to tell that I have contributed one song to the soundtrack, which is a remarkable collaboration between many great musicians, led by Ari Pulkkinen.

The Game in App Store

The Sountrack

Welcome to Reality


Here is some electronic music I made back in 1996. Lots of samples from various sources. Welcome to Reality includes speaking from newscasts about the bombing incident at Atlanta Olympics. The Journey‘s beginning string sample is from the background music of The Bold and Beautiful.

This project terminated a bit after about 5 months work, as my interests were going more into band playing. Also, some technical limitations caused frustration. (in The Journey, you can hear the soundcard not triggering all the samples in sync…)

There were couple of other songs I was working on, in similar style, but, unfortunately they have not survived.

Childhood Winters

Winter is coming into Finland, and here is a winter-themed piece of music with a collection of winter-themed photos taken by a friend. Enjoy!

Rock Runners, a game with my music, is out!!!

Rock Runners, a running game with my soundtrack for is now out, first for iOS! In addition to being the composer, I also did parts of the sound design.

Grab it from AppStore!

The soundtrack is also available at Bandcamp!

Enter the Drama

A new music video by Sabine van Gameren for my piece is out!

Here it is:

Thanks to the wonderful actresses, and everyone else who participated and helped in the making of the video.

And thanks to Anna Grundström (cello), Petrus Laitinmäki (violin and viola) for great playing.

Fast Lane Across the Sky

Here is a new piece, a side-product of one video game project where I’m involved in. This grew out of a demo that ultimately was not selected for the game, but there will be another piece there instead.

Also, this is the first piece to use my new Analogue Solutions Leipzig synthesizer which has in brief time became an integral part of my studio.

Some moments ago, sad news also came that Jon Lord, the legendary keyboardist of Deep Purple has passed away. This piece & post shall be dedicated to his memory.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Jarre of Hermanni

Summer is here! So much cool things happening in Helsinki. I’m, as always, busy working with too many music projects, but I have had some time to chill as well.

I’m happy to tell you that Petra’s Planet, virtual world for children is officially launched. It features much of my audio work, and has kept me very busy during the last months. Check it out! (Hint: for just some casual fun, go to the games page!)

Also, our pet toys from Petra’s Planet wrote and performed this nice song, with little help from me:

I want also to share this song I made this week with you. It was inspired by traditional melodic electronic music, mostly Jean Michel Jarre, my childhood icon. (Hence the working name, Jarre of Hermanni, referring to myself and the area in Helsinki where I live. Too lazy to invent a proper name for it now :) )

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Out of Blue

New piece online!

When I got this idea, it reminded me of some battle music themes of classic Final Fantasy games, and I ended up making a similar instrumentation for it.

I used to play the classic Final Fantasy games quite a lot, and the music Nobuo Uematsu composed for them has admittedly influenced me.

The name of the piece reflects Final Fantasy memories as well, as in the old FF games battles appeared quite “out of blue” when you were walking around.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Thanks to the musicians who played in this one:

Vesa Pännäri : bass
Teemu Salo : guitar
Petrus Laitinmäki: violin
Samuli Peltoniemi: trumpet
Eero Koski : trombone

December 2011, what’s a-happening

Lots of things have kept me busy during the last months of 2011, and fortunately many of these things have to do with music.

First, here’s a new piece, with a nature-themed video by Sabine van Gameren. In addition of samples, some humane parts were recorded to enhance the sound. Many thanks to:
Panu Ali-Rantala & Sirke Nieminen – voice
Samuli Peltoniemi – trumpet
Eero Koski – trombone

Second, in summer I had an idea to organize a gig playing classic video game music in game developers gathering (IGDA Finnish chapter), and this Tuesday this became finally true. I managed to gather a group of talented musicians to play with me. Thanks Juke (drums), Anu (keys), Olli (violin), and others who helped to make this possible.

Here is a video clip of us performing Trine theme by the great game composer Ari Pulkkinen (present in the audience, of course! :) )

Third, I recently got into a position in my dayjob where I can also contribute to music and sound design in the virtual world for children we’re creating. So, future versions of Petra’s Planet will have some of my audio there as well!

With everything going on, I just recently noticed that Christmastime is here very very soon, so merry Xmas/Holidays/etc, and great new year for everyone!

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