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“Written and performed by Finnish musicians Tommi Salomaa and Joonas Mäkilä, aka Retro Thruster, the soundtrack to Retro Shot is a piece of synthwave heaven.”

Retro Shot was awarded the third prize in Game Music Awards 2016





  • Rock Runners (iOS, Android), by Recoil Games
    • music composition
    • sound design (partially)

      “And the music? It is pretty great, and fits in with the space theme.”

      “The retro music also compliments the game well as it ramps up to a faster pace when a speed boost is achieved.”
      “Soundtrack compliments the game perfectly”

      “Rock Runners is a very solid game that boasts mesmerizing graphics coupled with a solid soundtrack. They combine together to create an atmosphere that leaves you feeling truly in the game while playing.”


  • Yoga Retreat Game (Facebook), by Gajatri Studios
    • music composition & sound design

      “A background of soothing music and the sound of waves crashing against the beach adds the perfect ambiance to the idyllic lifestyle you’ve chosen.”


  • Petra’s Planet (online), by Dramaforum
    • music composition & sound design
    • voice over production
    • audio asset managing
    • audio implementation & tweaking (Flash / ActionScript)



Bands & various artistic collaborations:

Wankers of the Zoo Crew, 2006-2015, live keyboards, arrangements, production

V for Violence piano, string & synth arrangements

Ten After Dawn, 2010-2011, live keyboards
Dead Black Asteroid, 2009-2011, keyboards
Illusion Granted, 2009-2011, keyboards, composing
Jaani Peuhu
-string arrangement for a song on Tear Catcher album
-synth & string arrangements and bits on Black Dog Bias album


Modern dance works (music and/or sound design):

  • Puro on kohta valtameri, 2010
  • Herätit minut, 2010
  • Mieli/valta, 2006
  • Raatoja Rannalla, 2006
  • Synestesia, 2005




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