December 2011, what’s a-happening

Lots of things have kept me busy during the last months of 2011, and fortunately many of these things have to do with music.

First, here’s a new piece, with a nature-themed video by Sabine van Gameren. In addition of samples, some humane parts were recorded to enhance the sound. Many thanks to:
Panu Ali-Rantala & Sirke Nieminen – voice
Samuli Peltoniemi – trumpet
Eero Koski – trombone

Second, in summer I had an idea to organize a gig playing classic video game music in game developers gathering (IGDA Finnish chapter), and this Tuesday this became finally true. I managed to gather a group of talented musicians to play with me. Thanks Juke (drums), Anu (keys), Olli (violin), and others who helped to make this possible.

Here is a video clip of us performing Trine theme by the great game composer Ari Pulkkinen (present in the audience, of course! :) )

Third, I recently got into a position in my dayjob where I can also contribute to music and sound design in the virtual world for children we’re creating. So, future versions of Petra’s Planet will have some of my audio there as well!

With everything going on, I just recently noticed that Christmastime is here very very soon, so merry Xmas/Holidays/etc, and great new year for everyone!

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