Hello world!

This site starts to look halfway decent, so it’s time to invite people to see it, and especially to hear some of the new music I’ve been working on this spring.

This project took a bit longer than I thought and there’s still much to do, but I’m quite happy to present this site and these pieces now. More later!

I also like to thank all the talented people who took the time and effort to perform in these pieces :

Once I was Lost:
Anna Grundström : cello; Olli Vänskä : violin

Tuomas Rounakari : violin

The Time is Now:
Sirke Nieminen, Panu Ali-Rantala, Teemu Salo, Jukka Salomaa : voice

Evening at the Village:
Tommi Koskenheimo: guitar, recording; Suvi Hartikainen : flute

I’m also thankful for many other people who helped me, too numerous to mention here, but special thanks to Sabine for the photograph, but mostly for just being who you are.


Get some of my music:

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